My Daze with the Dark Muse (book)

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by D. M.Needom (Author)

Book 1 in the Better To Burn Out series

Book Description

She ripped out my heart and threw it away.

When you are a rockstar, nothing is real. * Nigel Hartagan is the epitome of a rock star. He has a successful award-winning music career, a talented wife, and a beautiful daughter. But on the side, he is spiraling out of control in a daze with the Powder Goddess. In Nigel’s world, the highs were high, but the lows have made him discover that a monster is lurking inside. Nigel soon plunges to rock bottom as he goes further into the Goddess’s clutches and slips into a delusional world where debauchery is his only goal. From getting caught with a transitioning prostitute to selling his own kid, to blowing up rehab, Nigel is turning into a beast he would never imagine to be. Nigel battles for his life as drugs make him choose between his love for his new Powder Goddess or his Musical Mistress.

      • Author's Note - This book is a Very Dark and Twisted tale. There are incidents of Drug use, strong language, some violence, and attempted rape. This book is not for the faint of heart.***

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