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Hey, it's awesome that you're checking out RomanceRockBands — thanks for being here!

If you want to participate (add and edit site content), there are a few things you need to know:

Intellectual Property & Copyright


RomanceRockBands is intended to share information about fictional rock bands and musicians, without ever infringing on the copyrights of the authors who've created them. The author whose creation it is (see the Intellectual Property section at the bottom of all Band and Musician pages or the author attribution at the top of all Book pages) should be considered as the owner and copyright holder of all the page's content — if you contribute any content or changes to the page, you're gifting copyright and ownership of it to them.

Remember that authors are the ultimate authorities about their own books. Therefore, authors aren't required to provide sources or defend their changes to pages relating to their own books — "It's my book" is a good enough authority. Everyone else should provide a source or reason why they're editing the page, and note that an author doesn't need a reason to edit or revert your changes. We will always back an author up if there's an issue.

Unless you are the author or a PA with permission to do so, please DO NOT edit the Intellectual Property section of any page. If you're creating a new page, it's okay to put the author's name in the appropriate place, but leave the Guest Appearances and copyright notice for the author or PA or an admin to edit.

How to Wiki Like a Rock Star

  • Please read this whole page first!
  • You must be logged in to edit this wiki, so you'll need to create an account to get started.
  • Looking at the edit view of other finished pages is a good way to see how things are done.
  • Learn how to format your content.
  • Include sources for your changes whenever possible, either in the text or in the "Summary" field.
  • Always sign your comments on discussion pages by clicking the signature button in the toolbar above the text editor or typing ~~~~.

House Rules for Creating Pages

New pages are created by clicking red links (links to nonexistent pages), so start by adding the item to the appropriate directory page with double square brackets around it: [[Item Name]] — once saved, this will display a red link, which you can then click to create the page.

  • Author pages must have (Author) after the name, as part of the page name: [[Author Name (Author)]].
  • Book pages must have (book) after the title, or (book by Author Name) if two books have the same title. You may also use (novella), (novelette), (short story), or (anthology) as needed, or any other type of work that applies, such as (graphic novel). Please include this as part of the page name: ''[[Title (work type)]]'' (italics go outside the page name, not inside).
  • If a band has a self-titled album, you may put (EP) or (LP) or (Album) after the album name to differentiate it. Album titles should be italicized but the italics should not be part of the page name: ''[[Album Title]]''.
  • Song titles should be in quotation marks and those quotation marks should be part of the page name: [["Song Title"]]
  • If a musician performs as a solo artist, use the SoloArtistPage template instead of the MusicianPage template to get additional information sections that would ordinarily be on the band page (such as backing band members, crew, and discography).
  • Please DO NOT include anything else with page names (e.g., don't add the series title to the name of a book, or the band name to the name of an album). Everything is connected with links (see the template for what to put where), not through naming.

Please use a template for any new page:

  1. Type {{subst:TemplateName}} in the empty/new page.
  2. Replace TemplateName with the desired template name (available templates include AlbumPage, AuthorPage, BandPage, BookPage, FestivalPage, LabelPage, MediaPage, MusicianPage, SoloArtistPage, and SongPage).
  3. Save the page.
  4. Click the edit tab at the top of the page and start editing. This allows you to edit the whole page, including the top section. You can also edit individual sections (except for the top section) by clicking the edit link next to the heading for that section.

Pages without templates may be deleted or have their content replaced with a blank template.

What's a Discussion Page?

Every page has a corresponding “discussion” page (second tab at the top).

It's for talking about the content of the page. Got a question? Think something should be added? Wondering if the author of the book in question is a user of this wiki? Maybe you believe something on the page isn't correct or doesn't belong, but you want someone else to confirm that? Use the discussion page!

Go ahead and test this now, using the discussion tab on this page. Say hi! If you want to, tell us your favorite rockstar romance title, or your favorite kind of ice cream, or whether you play an instrument, or how you found this wiki. (This is how we'll know you've read this page.)

Just go to the discussion tab, then click the edit tab so you can type your comment (at the bottom of what's already there, obviously). When you've written out your comment, please SIGN IT! You do that by clicking the signature button in the toolbar above the editing box (or typing --~~~~ if you prefer) to add your name and a date/time stamp. Finally, click the "Save changes" button at the bottom of the page.

Did you know? Individual users have talk pages too. You can leave a message for a user on their talk page.