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Welcome! Born on January 4, 2019, RomanceRockBands was created to track and love and share all the fabulous fictional rock bands and musicians in the romance genre.

The scope of this wiki includes all types of popular music generally associated with bands, including but not limited to rock, pop, metal, folk, and country. We are called RomanceRockBands, but the country singers and pop divas of romance are welcome too.

New here? Check out the First Gig page before you jump in and start adding and editing things.

Please do not add any real musicians or bands or record labels to this wiki, even if they have appeared in a book. This particular resource is for fictional creations only.


How to Wiki Like a Rock Star

  • New pages are created by clicking red links (links to nonexistent pages), so start by adding your item to the appropriate directory page with double square brackets around it: [[Item Name]] — once saved, this will display a red link, which you can then click to create the page.
  • Use templates! Apply a template to a page by typing {{subst:TemplateName}} in the empty/new page (replacing TemplateName with the desired template name) and then saving. Available templates include AlbumPage, AuthorPage, BandPage, BookPage, FestivalPage, LabelPage, MediaPage, MusicianPage, SoloArtistPage, and SongPage. Only apply a template to an empty/new page! You can edit the whole page, including the top section, by clicking the edit tab at the top of the screen.
  • Looking at the edit view of other finished pages is a good way to see how things are done.
  • Learn how to format your content.
  • Include sources for your changes whenever possible, either in the text or in the "Summary" field.
  • Always sign your comments on discussion pages by clicking the signature button in the toolbar above the text editor or typing ~~~~.

Liner Notes